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365 Reasons to go Sailing

(366 during leap year)

-  January -
1 This one's easy - New Years Day - can't work, hung over or made a resolution, or it's a family tradition to go sailing. 
If you're from Scotland or the United Kingdom it's officially a Bank Holiday. Can't pull that one off? Try Berchtold's Day and tell the boss you're from Liechtenstein or Switzerland.
Revolution Day - People's Uprising in Burkina Faso  wherever the heck that is.  This one might be tough - maybe just make it a sick day.
Day of Martyrs of the Colonial Repression - all Angolan's go sailing.  Or it's Independence Day in Myanmar / Burma.  If you can pull this one off - you have to be in sales: it's Trivia Day in the United States of America.  Show up with your white cane cause it's World Braille Day celebrated Internationally.
Dia de la Toma - the anniversary of the capture of Granada, by the army of Ferdinand and Isabella.  Now there's something to celebrate.  Make sure you trill your r's while you explain why you need the day off.  Or try Twelfth Night - USA.  It's very religious and quite important to your faith.  I'll vouch for you personally.  (But be prepared to walk on water to back me up.)
Army Day - it's an Iraq Holiday, but every country should have its own Army Day - you know, support the troops?  It's Patriotic and it would be un-American - no matter what country you're from.  If you're Christian, go with Epiphany Day.  Or claim you're Jamaican, mon, and go sailing because it's Marroon Day
7 Orthodox Christmas - you shouldn't even have to ask.
Elvis's Birthday. Anyone could use this one, after all, he's the King.  World Literary Day.  If you read and don't believe in Elvis (Heathen!) or try National Takai Day if you're from Niue and really like being obscure.
Balloon Ascension Day - USA - I'm not kidding.  And where better to see a balloon ascend than from a sailboat?
Traditional Day (Vodoun) in Benin.  That's all there is - sorry - maybe you'd just better work.  Wait, maybe it's Sunday - somewhere.
Sir John A. Macdonald's Birthday -  Canada - you're going to the party - it's good for business - you'll make lots of contacts.  Eh?
National Pharmacist Day or Stephen Foster Memorial Day - both US Holidays - but I think they should be celbrated everywhere.  Or - Commemoration or Remembrance Day (Anniversary of the Battle of Geok-Tepe) - Turkmenistan - if you like being obscure.  And if you can sell that one to your boss - you ought to be running the place.
Defenders of Freedom Day - Lithuania. Liberation Day - Togo.  St. Melania's Day - Ukraine or Orthodox New Year - Serbia.  Take your pick - they all seem pretty important to me.
Ratification Day - United States of America.  Boy,  that one rolls around quick.  It seems like we just celebrated Ratification Day and here it is again already.  Did you remember to get gifts?
John Chilembwe Day- Malawi.  What kind of mean boss would keep you at work on a Holiday as important as today? 
Prohibition Remembrance Day - United States of America. Religious Freedom Day - United States of America.  Is there some sort of irony at work here?  You could only puzzle this out while sailing.  Take the boss with you if you like.
Antonovden (St. Antony`s Day) - Bulgaria.  Solemn religious ceremonies must be celebrated.  By going sailing. 
Maintenance Day - United States of America.  Maybe you could just work on your sailboat.
Epiphany - in Georgia - the country, not the state.  Though they may have epiphanies in Georgia, the state, too.  I'm having one now - I think I should go sailing.
Inauguration Day - United States of America. Often, this could be construed as a day of mourning.  Cheer yourself up by going sailing.
Errol Barrow Day - Barbados.  Don't know who the heck Errol Barrow is, but they sail in Barbados - you should, too.
St. Vincent Day - St. Vincent Island and Spain.  Nobody seems to know who St. Vincent was - I googled it  and it doesn't tell us anywhere.  That's all the research I'm going to do for you.  But on St. Vincent Island, which is in the Carribbean (you can check that yourself, if you think my lack of extensive research for this fluff piece is less than adequate) they go sailing on St. Vincent Day - by tradition.  Okay, I made that part up.  But you could start your own tradition - and I believe you should.  You may end up with sainthood conferred upon you.
International Sword Swallower's Day  or Open That Bottle Night -  I think I'd go with Open that Bottle Night -  sounds safer.  And what better place to Open that Bottle than your sailboat.   Anchor Down for the night, pour your favorite, put your feet up, admire the stars or your favorite shipmate, and sip away.
Economic Liberation Day - Togo.  The Togolese Republic, often known as Togo, is a country in West Africa bordered by Ghana to the west, Benin to the east and Burkina Faso to the north. Look at all the research I do for you.  Thank me by going sailing.
Burns Night - Scotland. Probably about that poet guy, Robert Burns.  But the Scottish are frugal, and sailing's a frugal sport, and you, by act of reading this website, are a frugal mariner.  So stop reading this blarney and go sailing.  (Oh, all right, blarney is Irish, quit nit-picking.)
Australia Day -Australia.  Hey, it's a country and a continent, too.  You can't deny a whole continent.  Start a few days early and work on your Aussie accent, mate, so you'll be more convincing when you ask for the day off.
National Activity Professionals Day - United States of America.  Seriously.  And what better activity than sailing?
Democracy Day - Rwanda.  Ah, Democracy.  We should celebrate Democracy everyday, but sooner or later, the boss would catch on.  So just this once, SAIL for DEMOCRACY!
Martyrs' Memorial Day - Nepal.  Sorry, that's all I could come up with.  Maybe you could consider skipping this one, unless you're really into martyrdom.  Wait, if you don't go sailing today, you're offering yourself up as a martyr - no death involved, mind you, but the sacrifice of not going sailing is enough to qualify for martyrdom.  Ignore the irony and go sailing.
World Leprosy Day - International.  You can do your part for leprosy.  You've Sailed for Democracy, now you can SAIL for Leprosy.  Everybody needs a cause. A just cause.  So you can go sailing just cause.
Independence Day - Nauru. (031'38?S 16656'12?E)? Nauru (pronounced  nah-OO-roo), officially the Republic of Nauru and formerly known as Pleasant Island, is an island nation in Micronesia in the South Pacific. Its nearest neighbour is Banaba Island in Kiribati, 300 km to the east. Nauru is the world's smallest island nation, covering just 21 square kilometres (8.1 sq mi).  Just 5 days ago, you celebrated the world's largest island nation.  You wouldn't want to slight the smallest.  (Size doesn't matter - or so they say.) Practice speaking in a Nauru accent before telling your boss you need the day off.
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