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365 Reasons to go Sailing

(366 during leap year)

-  April -
April Fool's Day, of course, in many countries throughout the world.  I think a good April Fool's Day joke would be to put a 'Closed' sign on your business, and tell everyone except your boss.  Everybody can go sailing.  And when your boss shows up - wow, I'll bet he'll laugh and laugh.  But he can't fire everybody, because then he'd have nobody to work for him.  Don't tell him it was my idea though, I'm kind of modest and wouldn't want to take all the credit. But if he needs to talk to me, tell him my phone number is: (202) 278-2000 - Ask for Mr. J.E. Hoover.
Sizdah-bedar / National Picnic Day - Iran.  I know this little island you can sail to - it's the perfect place for a picnic.  The first seven to contact me will be given the lat. / long. coordinates.  Any more than that and it would be too crowded.  Late comers are on their own. 
Tweed Day and Don't Go To Work Unless It's Fun Day.  This is true.  You can look it up on the internet.  And the Internet never lies.  It's against the rules.  Just believe.  Or at least suspend disbelief and go sailing.
Tomb Sweeping Day - Taiwan.  It shouldn't take you too long to sweep your tomb.  But it has got to be done.  It's only once a year and today is the day.  Then get your butt out there and hoist those sails.
Qingming Festival (Tomb Sweeping Day) - China. Apparently tombs get very dusty in the Orient.  But we all have to do our part.  We can't have our ancestors resting in dust and dirt.  Work hard.  Get done early.  Reward yourself by going sailing.
National Tartan Day  - United States of America. I'm Scottish, so I'm puttin' on me kilt and going out sailing.  And, just as on St. Patty's Day, everyone is Irish, on National Tartan Day, everyone is Scottish.  Just don't go climbin' the mast in that kilt,  Laddie.
Toussaint L'Ouverture Day - Haiti -  I've said it before and I'll say it again.  Haiti just does not get enough recognition or appreciation.  And life has been so difficult for them.  Show your support for Haiti by taking the day off from work and go sailing. 
Birthday of the Sultan of Johor - Malaysia.  And they through such great parties for the Sultan.  And you're invited.  And what he wants most for a present is for you to send him some good pictures of you sailing on his birthday. 
9 Araw Ng Kagitingan (Valour Day) - Philippines.  If you look it up Araw Ng Kagitingan means you must go sailing - it's the law.  Okay, that may not be the complete truth - but truth can be awfully subjective.  My truth, your truth, the bosses truth.  Pick mine, pick mine!
National Sibling Day - United States of America.  Do you have a brother or sister, or know someone who is a brother or sister, or at least has one?  Do something you both would enjoy.  It's your family obligation to go sailing.
11 National Heroes Day - Costa Rica.  You could be a hero, too.  You could be my hero, if you'd just tell the boss you need the day off to go sailing.
Yuri`s Night - International.  Yuri Gagarin - First human being in Space.  Inspirational.  And anyone in space, looking down on this wondrous, though troubled, world should be inspired himself by seeing humanity harnessning nature's forces and making the most out of life.  Sail for Yuri.  Sail for humanity. If you won't do it, I will!
Thomas Jefferson's Birthday- United States of America.  At age nineteen, Jefferson built himself a flatboat, actually suitable for sailing only on Virginia's rivers, but he fantasied himself sailing to "England Holland France Spain and Italy (where I would buy a good fiddle)..."  Honor Jefferson's memory - and help him fulfill his dream. You can probably forget the fiddle part.  (Do I do my research, or what?)
Orange Day - Japan. The idea is that Orange Day is a day for boyfriends and girlfriends to confirm their love by exchanging oranges or orange-colored gifts.  Who comes up with this stuff?  If you don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend, or anything orange, you can go sailing instead and avoid the silliness.
Rubber Eraser Day - United States of America.  Income Tax Day is way too obvious.  Everybody is going to be using that excuse to take the day off.  Be original, be unique, celebrate Rubber Eraser Day.  Go eradicate something.  And when you're finished, go sailing - to atone.
Queen Margrethes birthday - Denmark.  There are a bunch of holidays on April 16th, even National Librarian Day - but how many Librarians actually go sailing?  How would I know, maybe a lot of them do, but I always pictured librarians to more the power boat type - to make up for all that QUIET.  And Queen Margrethe sounds like someone with whom you'd like to go sailing.  And you can't, you absolutely can't deny the Queen.
Independence Day - Cambodia & Syria.  EXCITEMENT! Fireworks, beer, parties, parades, and best of all, of course, sailing.  Help them celebrate.
18 Paul Revere Day - United States of America.  Two if by sea.  'Nuff said.  Get out there.
Landing of the 33 Patriots - Uruguay.  You could make it 34 - round it up - just a bit.  33 is just not a good number of patriots.
Only 248 more shopping days until Christmas.  Get out on your sailboat where you can have some peace and quiet and make your lists.  If I'm on your list, I could use some new halyards, and if you're feeling generous, I could use a windlass - after all, look at all I've done for you.
International Creativity and Innovation Day - International.  Be creative and innovative, make up your own excuse to go sailing.
22 Earth Day - International.  And the Earth is mostly water - and what better to do with water than sail on it.  Can't drink it, it's all polluted.
World Copyright Day - International.  I've asked this before - who comes up with this stuff?  Go out on your sailboat, write something, and come back and get it copyrighted.  It's only right.  But don't copy this stuff - I copyrighted it all last World Copyright Day.  What a long line that was!
National Concord Day - Niger.  Why they would celebrate an obsolete French Supersonic Passenger Plane in Niger is beyond me - maybe they just don't have much to celebrate in Niger.  Help them celebrate - go sailing.  And remember the Concord.
World Penguin Day - InternationalGreat reason for celebration.  (?!??!?) You know, sometime, somewhere, a group of people got together and did the paperwork necessary to decree that April 25 would be National Penguin Day.  The job must have been monumental.  Whom did they have to contact, whom did they have to persuade?  Where do you file this kind of paperwork?  It must have been important to them.  And we would be insulting their efforts, and the memory of penguins who have died for your sins, whatever, so in honor of the penguins, those comical and endearing creatures, we will go sailing.
26 Confederate Memorial Day - United States of America.  Go sailin' y'all.
Dan We Zo, alias St Louis Cleimeille - Voudon.  Dan We Zo?  Voudon?  I am clueless, and so are you - and so confused that the only, the only way we can sort it out is some recuperative sailing time.  No, I've got to look it up. Dan We Zo: Samen zagen we zo nog meer dan enkel sneeuw en vogeltjes. Ook Samen zagen we zo nog meer dan enkel sneeuw en vogeltjes. Ook eendjes en paleizen op het water.. picture published by nidzjninovgrod.  Google translate says: Stop looking at this stuff and go SAILING!
Day of Mourning for Persons Killed or Injured in the Workplace - Canada.  TAKE NO CHANCES! You could be next.  The workplace is a dangerous place to work and certainly no place to be injured or killed.  What is you're working for... to be killed in the workplace?  No. Hell, no! You're working so you can go sailing.  Leave.  Leave now, before you're injured, or worse.  And wear your life jacket. Sheesh, have you got me worried now!
Cassé Canari ou Wèt mô nan d'lo - Voudon.  Hey, wow.  Here's Voudon again.  Go get your wife or girlfriend but not both and take her out sailing.  Unless you are more of the female persuasion, then go get your husband or boyfriend, but not both, unless they get on well, and GO SAILING.
Children's Day - Mexico;  King's Birthday - Sweden;  Koninginnedag (Queen's Day) - Netherlands;  Liberation Day - Vietnam;  Mangé les Morts - Haiti;  May Day Eve ; Finland;  Queen Beatrix's Birthday - Curacao;  Queen's Birthday - Sint Maarten / St. Martin; Queen's Day - Aruba;  Bonaire;  Saba - St. Eustatius;  Rincon's Day - Bonaire;  Walpurgis Night - Sweden;  Walpurgisnacht (Witches Night) - Germany;  Beltane (Northern Hemisphere) - Paganism;  Mangé les Morts - Voudon;  Samhain (Southern Hemisphere) - Paganism.    WOW.  That's a heck of a lot of holidays for just one day.  And some days have none and I've got to make them up.  I noticed that Haiti and Voudon both have the same holiday so there's probably a corelation there - peices of the puzzle coming together.  But you get to take your pick.  Certainly something applies.  See you out there on the water!
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