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365 Reasons to go Sailing

(366 during leap year)

-  August -
Mini Fêtes - French Polynesia.  I want you to click on these three links - One   Two   Three  After viewing these - how could you not go sailing?  So show your boss these three photos - and when he's through, ask him to close his eyes and picture himself in French Polynesia attending Mini Fêtes, which by the way, lasts a whole month!.  While he's got his eyes closed, tiptoe out the back door and go sailing.
Emancipation Day - St. Kitts & Nevis.  St. Kitts and Nevis - Islands, mon - Slaves were Emancipated there way back in 1830.  You, however, are still working.  It's Emancipation Day for you, my sailing friend, and about darned time! 
Fiesta de la Colmena - Spain.  Couldn't quite find out what it means - but it's a party, that much I know.  And it's a national holiday - at least in Spain.  And I don't need much of an excuse to go sailing.  I'll take what I can get.  So, how 'bout you?  You going?  Or are you just going to stay there and work?
Coast Guard Day - United States of America.   We should wave to the Coast Guard - from our sailboats - to show them we appreciate all they do for us.  Heck, we should stand up and salute.  They deserve it.  Just don't fall overboard!
Sister`s Day - United States of America.  Take a nun sailing.
Independence Day - Jamaica.  Island people get lots of holidays.  And there are so few people on those islands, with so many holidays to celebrate.  They need, they deserve all the help we can give them,  Go sailing, to help the poor over-holidayed people of Jamaica.
Youth Day - Kiribati.  Where the heck is Kiribati?  How are things in Guacamole? We don't know. We don't care.  We're young - at least young at heart.  It's youth day - our day.  We can do as we please.  Be young, be irresponsible - go sailing.  Yes, you will!  Or you're grounded for the weekend.
Universal & International Infinity Day - International.  "In a sense The Infinity Society is the Psychology & Philosophy NGO of the non-violent, progressive, pro-social and pro-environmental NGO community  of The World."  Sounds like sailing to me!
Smokey Bear`s Birthday (Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires) - United States of America. Accidents can happen, and you may accidentally start a forest fire, however, I guarantee, you cannot start a forest fire if you are out sailing.  You should take no chances.  Imagine how embarrassed you would be if you accidentally started a forest fire on Smoky Bear's Birthday.  It could happen.  Unless you take my advice and go sailing.
International Biodiesel Day - International.  How could you possibly construe International Biodiesel Day into a reason to go sailing?  You can't.  But you can take the day off to celebrate Biodiesel Day.  And as long as you're off today, you might as well go sailing.  Hoist that sail.  Fill 'er up.
Heroes' Day - Zimbabwe.  We're coming up with some pretty weak excuses to go sailing the last four or five days.  Especially as excuses you can legitimately present to your boss. But we have faith in you - faith in your imagination; faith in the power of your desire to go sailing, failth in your ability to manipulate your bossDon't let us down! And please, please, let us know how you did it.  
International Youth Day - International.  Ah, back on track.  You can't deny children.  And what better way to celebrate International Youth Day than taking a child sailing? Unless you're an International Youth yourself, then you can just go!
International Lefthanders Day - International.  Like on St. Patrick's Day when everybody is Irish, on International Lefthanders Day, everybody is lefthanded.  Explain to the boss, indignantly of course, that being lefthanded is not a handicap, but that everybody treats you as if it is.  Make him feel guilty enough to give you and all the rest of the lefthanders in your organization the day off.  You may have to put your right arm in a sling or something to make sure you don't accidentally use your right hand, by mistake. 
World Lizard Day - International.  We are not making this stuff up!  Take a lizard out sailing.  Maybe the boss. Maybe the Geico Gecko.  Maybe that cute girl named Liz, in accounting.  That may be stretching it a bit though.
Maria Himmelfahrt Day - Switzerland.  Practice saying this one until you can say it with a straight face.  Then walk right in to the boss's office and say - "Boss, I need Maria Himmelfahrt Day off."  He will look up at you and smile and start to say "You what?"  But cut him off quickly, before any words come out of his mouth, and say, "I'll take that smile as a 'Yes'. "   Let me know if this ruse works.
King's Death (Elvis) - United States of America. Nobody can work on a day as significant, sad, and mournful as this.  He was King!  He was the King. He was Elvis.  Not Costello - Presley, you fool.  Are you trying to muck this thing up for the rest of us?
Marcus Garvey's Birthday - Rastafarian.  Click on the link.  Look at the picture.  Get a hat like that.  Wear it to work.  Get the day off.  Simple as that.
Montserrat Annual Pilgrimage - Montserrat.   This has been going on for several days now.  It's time you got on board. But first, you have to sail to Montserrat. 
National Aviation Day - United States of America.  It takes exactly the same principle of lift to fly an airplane as to sail a boat.  So I say, close enough!  You get the day off.  Tell the boss Cap'n Larry says it's Okay.  Don't give him my whole name though.
National Homeless Animals Day - United States of America. Take a homeless duck sailing.  Or maybe a poor homeless sea lion. We must all do our part for the poor homeless animals of our country. Keep them on the poop deck would be my advice.
21 Mohammed VI's Birthday - Morocco.  That's it.  That's all we've got.  Good Luck.
National Flag Day - Russia.  Sorry, not much happening during the Dog Days of August. Which, by the way, is defined by Webster as: 1 : the period between early July and early September when the hot sultry weather of summer usually occurs in the northern hemisphere.  2 : a period of stagnation or inactivity.  Look at all the legitimate reasons we have given you to take the day off and go sailing.  Maybe now would be a good time to take that vacation you've been promising yourself.
International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade & its Abolition - International.  Now here's a holiday we should all get behind.  Many Slaves were transported cruelly on sailing vessels.  I hope we are past that image now, but just in case, we should go out sailing today and demonstrate that we don't do that sort of thing anymore.  As a sailor, it's your duty.
National Flag Day - Kazakhstan.  It's kind of a pretty flag.  We could do that.  Fly one from your spreaders in honor of Kazakhstan's National Flag Day, which in case you need to know and are too lazy to look it up is Iocated in Eurasia and ranked as the ninth largest country in the world.  That's pretty big.  I would have thought more of us would know where it is.  It's landlocked, too. We should feel sorry for them and go sailing just to show how much we care.
Table Communion pour Dan Wezo, Roi de France - Haiti.  Haiti gets all the best holidays.  And lots of them it seems.  Maybe that's why the country is so poor - there are too many holidays to get any work done.  Nevertheless, it's a holiday - and you get to go sailing.
26 Women's Equality Day - United States of America.  It's only right to take a woman sailing today. 
Anniversary of the Women's Revolt - Guinea.  One day we're celebrating Women's Equality and the very next women are revolting.  What do women want?  They want, among other things, to go sailing.  (I do not, by the way, find women at all revolting.)
Mariamoba - Georgia.  Recite this to your boss;  Chemi khatia samshoblo akhate mteli kvekana, Ganatebuli mta-bari, tsilnakaria gmerttana, tavisufleba dges chveni momavals umgers didebas tsiskris varskvlavi amodis, da or zgvas shua brtskindeba;  dideba tavisuflebas, tavisuflebas dideba.  This is, of course, the Georgian National Anthem.  If you can sing it - in a deep, important, resonant voice, all the better.  Then tell him it's Mariamoba and you need the day off.  How could he possibly deny?
Nut Spas - Russia.  In August, the last month of the summer season, when the harvest is sown, is the time usually spent to celebrate the three holidays called "Spas".  The first "Spas" is called Honey Spas which is celebrated on August 14. The second "Spas" is called Apple Spas which is celebrated on August 19. The third one is called Nut Spas which is celebrated on August 29.  Spas brings cold dew to lands and meadows. After the first Spas honey is collected, the second Spas brings fresh fruit and the third one, nuts.   Explain this patiently to the boss.  He'll tell you you're nuts and be glad when you leave.
Feast of St. Rose of Lima (Rose Festival) - St. Lucia.  After yesterday and the day before, this one should be easy.  Large bouquet of roses on the boss's desk while explaining that it is the Rose Festival.  Very large bouquet.  So large that he or she can't see everyone making for the door to go sailing.
Hero's Day - Philippines.  In the Philippines, this is a NON-WORKING holiday.  If you can point to the Philippines on a map, if you were ever there, or think you were, or if you have at least heard of the Philippines, I will personally give you the day off to go sailing.  Then I will be your Hero.  Rest assured, I am not this magnanimous for just anybody.  You, my very good friend, deserve it!
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