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The Frugal Mariner
Saltwater Suzi and Cap'n Larry's "Boating on a Budget" 
How to's, Information, Education & Fun Stuff about Boats, Sailboats, and Cruising

Before you go sailing check your local National Weather Service forecast by "City, ST" or Zip Code



Nautical Bookstore

Upgrade, Repair, & Maintenance


and other fun stuff (if you can fix stuff you don't have to buy new stuff.)

Books For the Racer Sailor -

Live Slow, Sail Fast

Books For the Cruising Sailor

or Prospective Cruiser (Live Slow, Sail Slow)

As I sit here at my computer writing this, I can glance over to a shelf on our boat and see a copy of Chapman's Piloting and Seamanship, Brion Toss's Rigger's Apprentice and Nigel Calder's Boatowner's Mechanical and Electrical Manual.  These are all essential books for any serious sailor.  Ours are stained and the pages are dog-eared from years of use.   If those tomes aren't in his library, you've got your gift selection for yourself or your favorite Captain.  If not, any one of the others listed on this page would be greatly enjoyed.
Ever want to just chuck it all?  Sell the house and car, buy a boat and head for the horizon?  Many have done it including us - Saltwater Suzi and Cap'n Larry.  We haven't written a book about it...yet.  But there are many who have and here are some which we have read or some which others have told us about.  We've actually met some of the authors while we were out there cruising.  They've learned how to live life.  Sometimes you'll hear somebody talking to cruisers and will ask, "Do you ever consider going back to the 'real world'?"  The answer is that living the dream is the real world.  The real world to which they are asking us to get back is entirely fabricated of bricks and steel and smoke and speed and insanity.  The real world to us cruisers is nature, the next horizon, friends, life in the slow lane, adventure, new experiences and sanity. And repairing our boat. (Sigh.)

Caution: Reading these books could be dangerous to the insanity most people are living.

Cruising Books - if you've got the dream...

The Classics

Nautical Novels -

Hardbound Classic Nautical Novels-

for Collectors

So far we've only found a couple - but we're still looking because I still believe that there are those who appreciate the tactile sensations of a well made book, the look, the feel, the smell, the very substantiality that this kind of book evokes.  When I hold a book like one of these, I picture myself in a wing chair in front of a fireplace with time, what a luxury, time, to read.  Some of these are in the 'Price is no Object' category. 


The Essentials -

books every boat owner should have in his library

Books For the Boat Buyer or New Mariner

Stuff you oughta know  (if you know stuff, it can save you $$$)

Books on Fishing -

How to Catch 'em, Clean 'em and Cook 'em

Chartbooks -

If you 've got somewhere to go, here's how to get there.

Miscellaneous Boating Books -

The Department of  we aren't sure where else to put them

Here's a Good Link for you to put into your Favorites - Bellingham Chart Printers - they offer up to 70-% off of 4000 charts and 150 Chartbooks.    (Of course, if you have selected a Navigation Program which can use them, you can download charts for Free.  The only difficulty is printing them out so you can keep going when your computer crashes.)
A piece of advice from the voice of experience - Don't buy used chartbooks.  You may think that you are saving money, right up until you tear the bottom of your boat out.
Shhhhh!  This is a library.
Here's a TIP:
Get an E-reader.  You'll save a lot of shelf space on your boat, and usually the electronic books are a little cheaper - some, if they're out of copyright, are free.
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