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365 Reasons to go Sailing

(366 during leap year)

-  December -
Festival of Freedom and Democracy - Chad.  What a great reason for a party!  I vote for Democracy and Freedom to go sailing whenever I want.  And I'm in favor of parties.  I don't know where Chad is, but I've heard of it.  And that's close enough for me.  Let's go party on the boat!  The boss will just have to understand - it's for Freedom; it's for Democracy.  He can't be against that!
International Day for the Abolition of Slavery - International.  I'm tired of slaving over all this work!  Tell your boss that slavery has been abolished.  I'll tell mine, too.  And we'll go sailing.  Bring beer.
3 International Day for People with a Disability - Australia.  Take an Aussie with a disability sailing for a day.  He'll appreciate it and they'll understand at work, too, how important it is to international relations.
Kamolol Day (thanksgiving) - Marshall Islands.  There's probably even a song.  Kamolol Day, Kamolol Day, we all go sailing on Kamolol Day.  Make up your own tune and sing it like the Pied Piper and lead your co-workers right out the door.
Day of the Ninja - United States of America.  Today, you are a Ninja.  And Ninja go sailing whenever they choose. Nobody argues with a Ninja.  It's also International Volunteers' Day.  And there's a website.  Click on the link and right near the top they offer an inspirational PowerPoint presentation which you can use to convince your boss that you are a Ninja who needs to go sailing.
St. Nicholas Day - Don't know if you've noticed, but it's getting on toward Christmas here.  And in lots of countries they celebrate St. Nicholas Day.  You have our permission to celebrate, too.  Get outta here.  Go sailing.  And then come back and get some Christmas shopping done.  I don't care if Christmas isn't one of your holidays, I need presents.  Look at all I've done for you!
Felix Houphouet-Boigny Remembrance Day - Ivory Coast.  You had best get out there on the water and start remembering Felix Houphouet-Boigny. Good Luck and Happy Sailing.  I'll get someone to cover for you at work.
Blessing of the Waters (Beach Day) - Uruguay.  And a very fine day it is to be sailing those blessed waters.  I hope you get some blessed wind.  And I hope the blessed boss will forgive you when you get back.
Independence Day - Tanzania. Not much going on today - you'd think that during the holiday season that holidays wouldn't be quite as obscure as this one.  I apologize if you're from Tanzania.  But the rest of you, you're just going to have to work with this one - it's all we've got.
10 Foundation Day - Angola.  Put on a girdle and go sailing.
Proclamation of the Republic - Burkina Faso.  Now there's a country I hadn't even heard of.  They deserve more recognition than just a proclamation.  Make sure everyone  where you work has heard of it.  Scream as loudly as you can, "Burkina Faso (pronounced /b?r?ki?n? 'f??so?/ b?r-KEE-n? FAH-soh; French: [by?kina faso]) - also known by its short-form name Burkina - is a landlocked country in West Africa. It is surrounded by six countries: Mali to the north, Niger to the east, Benin to the southeast, Togo and Ghana to the south, and Côte d'Ivoire to the southwest."  While the entire place is devouring this delightful and important information, slip out the side door and go sailing.
Poinsettia Day - United States of America.  Place a large, a very large vase of Poinsettias on the bosses desk so he won't be able to see you as you slip out the side door to go sailing.  This, by the way, should be the last time you use the side door.  Suspicions are gathering.
St. Lucy's Day - Sweden.  I wonder if St. Charlie Brown knows about this?  Ask around.  And while the workplace is abuzz pondering this information, excuse yourself to go to the bathroom and slip out the window and go sailing.
Chingshan Wang's Birthday - Taiwan.  Poor guy is named Wang.  I wasn't chuckling.  But I'll bet if you sing real loud, "Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday, Dear Chingshan Wang," that enough people will chuckle so that you can leave quietly through the service entrance and go sailing.  See, I give you lots of methods that are unique, that no one else would even think of.  I hope you appreciate.  
Bill of Rights Day - United States of America.  They're sending us a Bill?  For Rights?  I won't pay.  I won't! I am going to march indignantly right out that door and demand that our Rights are free - we paid for them a long time ago.  I have the receipt.  Are you with me on this?  Good.  Now that we're outside, let's go sailing.
Boston Tea Party - United States of America.  We'll go sailing in a replica of the Boston Harbor and pay homage to all that our forefathers did for us.  We won't throw any Tea overboard though.  They'd probably arrest us for polluting.
Special Holiday Western Province - Solomon Islands.  That kind of narrows it down - it's special and it's only in the Western Province.  Kind of nullifies it for those of us who aren't special and would like to be and aren't from the Western Province.  As a small protest of this slight, WE are going SAILING! I won't take frinnklypourp for an answer.  (Strangely enough, there are 65 languages spoken in the Solomon islands and only 518,338 people (as of last Tuesday at three in the afternoon).  So you can say pretty much anything you want and it's going to mean something to someone.  Though probably not what you intended.) 
Republic Day - Niger.  That's all we have for today.  Suggest you call in sick.  You only have a few days to use up your sick days before the end of the year and then you lose them.  You can't help it if you're always healthy.  It isn't fair that all those sickly people get to stay home.  You need the fresh air. 
Sveti Nikola - Serbia.  Hmmm.  Must be serious.  You called in sick yesterday, and you need to call in sick today, too.  Sveti Nikola is... Wait, I just looked it up.  Sveti Niklola is Serbian for St. Nicholas.  You can take the day off legitimately.  Fa la la la la la la la la la.  How's that song go?  Raise the sails and crank the winches;  Fa la la la la la la la la la.  Chrismas is for us not Grinches.  Fa la la la la la la la la la.  Don we now our... Wait a minute,  I'm not donning any gay apparel.  What kind of a song is this anyway?
Louisiana Purchase Day - United States of America.  Somebody purchased Louisiana? I think this Christmas shopping is getting way out of hand.  You had best stay out of the stores so you don't make a mistake like that.  Louisiana won't even fit under the tree.  But you could take somebody sailing - as kind of a pre-Christmas present.  I hope it's not too cold where you are.
Forefather's Day - United States of America.  It's also Winter Solstice for those of you who only have one father.  But no matter how many you have, you should take them all sailing.  The boss will just have to understand that family is (are?) important.
Winter Solstice Holiday - Hong Kong.  It's a Holiday.  And Holidays should be for everyone.  It's only fair.  I mean, we're willing to share all our Holidays.  
Festivus - United States of America.  Christmas and Hanukkah for them, and Festivus for the Restivus.  I think the tradition is that, while you neither give nor receive gifts, you may have one wish which shall be granted. If you wish, you may go sailing.
Christmas Eve - even if you are of some other faith, or of no faith at all, Christmas Eve is important.  Because it's like almost a Holiday - and close enough that it should be.  And you didn't get your shopping done.  And the tree needs decorating.  And the dog needs decorating.  And the boat needs to be sailed.
Christmas all over the world.  Everything is closed.  If you have to work, it's probably because you're in some critical industry like medical, or street cleaning, or retail for last minute shoppers (men), or a policeman, or an astronaut.  For those few of you who are required to work, the rest of us thank you.  Sorry you couldn't get out of it.  Perhaps you could don a Santa Suit, climb up the chimney and go sailing.  Except for the astronaut guy who's stuck in orbit.  Merry Christmas to you.
Junkanoo, Boxing Day, Second Day of Christmas, Tweede Kerstdag, Zartusht - No - Diso .  It doesn't matter what you pick.  If you got the boss something nice for Christmas yesterday, he should be feeling magnanimous enough to give you an extra day off.
I'm not going to tell you any Holidays today.  You've taken several days off in a row.  They're going to forget you even work there.  It could jeopardize your whole career.  Besides, you need a rest.  You'll thank me later.
Holy Innocents' Day - Mexico.  There's no question you are among them.  Now tell me it isn't true.  You, of all people, know it is.  Your wife and / or girlfriend may disagree; your mom and dad may chuckle at the thought of it, even your dog may attempt to chomp on you on occasion, but none of this is your fault.  You know you are innocent.  But if you're going to get accused , tried, convicted and sentenced anyway, you might as well go ahead and do what you were simply looking for an excuse to do anyway.  (Sigh)  I give up.  Go sailing, if you must!
Texas Admission Day - Now that's something to celebrate.  If it weren't for Texas, Mexico would be rubbing right up next to Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana.  And I'm not sure they could take it.  I have another idea while we're on the topic - Texas could annex Mexico.  That would solve two problems - no more illegal aliens (plus save money on fences) and Texas would be back to being the biggest state again which I know has been a sore spot for about half a century.   There may be drawbacks to this scheme.  So I would suggest you go somewhere where you can get some peace and quiet and really ponder the situation.  Sailing would be good.
Rizal day - Philippines.  Work it out.  I know you can do it. Use this as an excuse to go sailing or you're not the true resourceful sailor everyone thought you were. 
Bank Holiday - El Salvador & Yemen; Commemoration of the Restoration, St Sylvester - Switzerland;  Day of Azeri Solidarity - Azerbaijan;  Festival Day - Montserrat;  Foundation of the Congolese Labour Party - Republic of Congo; Omisoka - Japan;  Hogmanay - Scotland;  and last but hardly least New Year's Eve.   On this, the very last day of the year, and you thought you'd only get New Year's Eve as an excuse, I give you Holidays from all over the world.  About eight of them, one for every hour of your work day.  Pick one, maybe two, and go talk to the boss.  Don't pick all of them though, the day will be over by the time you ask him for the day off.

                 Happy New Year and Happy Sailing!
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