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365 Reasons to go Sailing

(366 during leap year)

-  July -
Sir Seretse Khama Day - Botswana.  Click on the link and take a look at this guy - he's definitely not a guy to whom you want to say, "No."  Adopt just such an expression, and tell the boss you're going sailing to honor Sir Seretse Khama.
Salvation Army Founders Day - United States of America.  In December, the Salvation Army makes its presence known with Santa Claus ringing bells on street corners.  It's July, you are starting  a new tradition to raise money for the Salvation Army - ring the bell on your sailboat.  It has just become tradition.  Hey, traditions have to start somewhere!
Independence Celebrations begin - Bahamas.  Tomorrow is the U.S. Independence Day - The Bahamas, just slightly to the east of us get a head start because the sun rises there a little earlier than here in the U.S.  We can't let another country get ahead of us.  Sailing, swimming, sunning, skyrockets after sunset, beer, booze,  bombs; that's too much to do in only one day.  Get started now!
Fourth of July - Independence Day -  United States of America. You need no excuse - you're already off for the day.  And if you were paying attention, you took yesterday off, too.  And maybe we can stretch it into tomorrow.  We'll just have to see.  (Now click on the video, stand and salute - but try not to fall off the boat.)
Independence Day - Algeria & Cape Verde Islands;   You're in luck - fly your Algeria or Cape Verde Islands Flag and keep on celebrating Independence Day.
Independence Day - Comoros. - WOW! Keep sailing! Yet another Independence Day.  Here's the Flag - and here's where it is, in case you need to snow the boss - and that's the only snow you'll get in July.
Independence Day - Solomon Islands. Five days in a ROW!  You must be almost out of firecrackers by now.  This is going to be about it, though - you're worn out from celebrating.  You're about to lose your job - yeah, right, you're not that important.  But just in case you're still able to milk this Independence Day thing - here's the Flag, and here's where it is.  Good Luck.
Gay Pride Day - Netherlands.  Come out of the closet - tell the boss you're Netherlandish, or is it Netherlandian.  Tell him you have to go sailing to celebrate Gay Pride Day.  And watch him back away.  Are you man enough?  Or are you going to work today?
Senior Race Day - Isle of Man.  Tell the boss there's an important Senior Sailboat race today - assuming you qualify as a senior (over 35, in this case).  Otherwise, tell him you just need to help out.
Junkanoo Parade -  West End, Bahamas.  You have to be there. It's an opportunity that can't be missed.  You may not want to mention the location - but the Bahamas aren't that far - 50, maybe 60 miles from the U.S.  Too much fun to miss.
World Population Day - International.   And you're a member.  Attendance is a requirement to maintain your membership.
Battle of the Boyne Day - Ireland.  Those Irish lads will fight over anything.  And Boynes are as good an excuse as any.  Like St. Patty's Day, everybody is Irish on Battle of the Boyne Day.
O - Bon / Festival of Souls (lunar date) - Shinto.  You're not Shinto?  Ever drink tea?  Close enough. Have a festive soul.  It's the least you can do for your immortal soul.
Fandoana Bathing Festival - Madagascar.  Yeah, I know it's Bastille Day.  You can use that if you want to - I'm going with a Bathing Festival.  Lots of soap and water and bathing folks wearing nothing but their Fandoana. You can jump off your sailboat to rinse off.  Make sure you use environmentally friendly soap.
Fiesta del Nino Perdido en Huancavelica - Peru.  Not sure what it means - my high school Spanish was almost 50 years ago - yeah, I'll admit it - I'm really old - but I think it has something to do with the boy child who is perdido.  But I didn't get past the first word which is Fiesta - which, I think, even in English means PARTY.  It might be a religious party.  I am a devout Sailsbyterian.  And I'm going to party on this most holy of days.
World Snake Day - International.  World Snake Day?  Take the day off just to see if you can figure out why there even is a World Snake Day.  Have a report regarding this on your boss's desk by tomorrow morning.
Hurricane Supplication Day - US Virgin Islands.  How does one supplicate a hurricane?  My guess is you'd supplicate a hurricane much harder if you're on a sailboat.  Do it for those poor folk who have to live in the Virgin Islands.
Nelson Mandela`s Birthday - South Africa.  Nelson Mandela was a good guy.  We should all celebrate his birthday party.  On your sailboat.  I'll bring the candles.  You take the cake.
Birthday of Yand di-Pertuan Besar of Ng Sembilan - Malaysia.  Yet another birthday to celebrate.  If you can pronounce the name, you may have the day off.  If you can chant the name, a breeze will start blowing.  Enough to go sailing.
Moon Day - United States of America.   Seriously. It really is.  Go moon someone.  And you'll find that if you do it on your sailboat it's harder for them to arrest you.  Moon your boss first.  I'll bet that gets you the day off.  (Turns out, after I looked it up, it's in celebration of the first landing on the moon.  I liked mine better.  I'm going to stop looking things up if the truth continues to disappoint.)
St. George Festa - Malta.  You can't be there in person - but you can in spirit - on your sailboat.  Once again, it's the least you can do.  Take plenty to eat - it's a Festa.  That's the way they spell Feast in Malta.  I checked.
Birthday of King Sobhuza II - Swaziland.  You are incredibly popular.  You get invited to birthday parties all over the world.  I don't even know where Swaziland is, and you know the King well enough to get invited to his birthday party.  Are you going to give him the same thing you gave him last year?  Sailing lessons?
National Hot Dog Day - United States of America.  Other countries of the world on this day are celebrating such important sounding things as:  Martyr's Day, Revolution Day, National Children's Day, and Bata Fiesta.  And we here in the U.S. are stuck with National Hot Dog Day.  I think, then, that it should be a matter of national pride that we celebrate our own holiday in a manner beffiting a nation as great (albeit silly) as ours. Tell the boss that you absolutely must go sailing to avoid national humiliation.  No mustard on mine, ketchup, relish and a few chopped onions. 
Jose Barbosa Day - Puerto Rico.  Give me just a minute here - I've got to think about this one.  Just who is Jose Barbosa?  How come he gets a day and we don't.  We deserve a day, too.  To heck with Jose - this is OUR day.  Our day to go sailing. 
Anniversary of the 7th Republic - Burundi;  Constitution Day - Puerto Rico;  Foundation of Guyaquil Day - Ecuador;  Galicia National Day - Spain;  Gospel Day (Rarotonga only) - Cook Islands;  Guanacaste Day - Costa Rica;  Moncada Anniversary - Cuba;  Papa Ogou (St Jacques le Majeur) - Haiti;  Republic Day - Tunisia;  Santiago Day - Spain;  St. James Day - Spain;  Yalong Cultural Festival - Tibet.    Look, just look at all those holidays.  Take your pick. You, my friend , are going sailing.
Day of Iansa - Brazil.  Iansa is an organization which opposes guns.  In the U.S. we aren't allowed to oppose guns or we get yelled at - or perhaps shot at by the gun hugging lobby.  You may go sailing today, but keep your head down.  I personally support guns.  I'm against bullets.  It's bullets, it turns out, that do all the harm.
Cross Atlantic Communication Day - United States of America.  Hello, hello? Europe?  Can you hear me now?  Rats, now we have to go out and inspect that communications cable again.  This may take awhile, boss.
Olavsoka Eve - Faroe Islands.  I'll bet Olavsoka Day is tomorrow.  You'd best get your butt down there and get your boat ready.  Maybe give it a dry run.  Can you give a sailboat a dry run?
Olavsoka Day (National Day) - Faroe Islands.  I was right.  Today is Olavsoka Day.  Sail for the Faroe Islands.  Or failing that, St. Olav's Day - Norway needs to be celebrated.  In case you're too hung over from Olavsoka Eve.
Father-in-Law Day - United States of America.  If you have, or are a father-in-law, either take him sailing, or have him take you sailing.  If neither is the case, you're stuck with MicMac Festival of St. Ann - Canada.
La Hae Hawai`i (Flag Day in Hawaii) - United States of America.  Hawaii; great place to go sailing or to sail to.  Hoist her flag from your spreader in honor of our 50th state, and go sailing.  It's the patriotic thing to do.  Your boss would simply be un-American if he doesn't let you go.
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