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365 Reasons to go Sailing

(366 during leap year)

-  June -
International Children's Day.  This may be your only chance to take an International Child out sailing.  It is your obligation, your duty, to take that poor child sailing.  You could change the course of his life - will that poor child grow up to become a Ghandi, or a Schweitzer, discover the cure for cancer, or maybe become a serial killer.  It is your choice: tell the boss you have to go sailing to save the world, or at the very least, one small child.
Botev Day (Day of Botev and heroes died for Bulgarian freedom) -Bulgaria.  Sail for Botev. And for Bulgarian Freedom.  And the heroes who died.  And the ones who lived.  All the heroes don't have to die.  You could be a hero.  You'll be my hero if you tell your boss you have to go sailing because of Botev.
Mabo Day - Australia.  Take a holiday on June 3rd to celebrate a great Australian, Eddie Mabo, who overturned the two century fiction of Terra Nullius in a ten year campaign through the courts ending in the historic High Court Mabo Judgement.  See how much you can learn by reading the Frugal Mariner?
Emancipation Day - Tonga.  Tonga is an island in the South Pacific.  And they're emancipated.  That means they can do what they want, they're free.  They can go sailing whenever they want.  We from the good old U.S. of A.  We're supposed to be free, too.  Excercise your freedom.  Become emancipated - go sailing. 
Dame Lois Browne-Evans Day - Bermuda.  Bermuda is an island in the Atlantic Ocean.  Many people have sailed there.  You can, too.  In honor of Dame Lois Browne-Evans.
D-Day - United States of America.  Many thousands of soldiers died on D-Day, so that people like us could be free.  It is only right that we should honor their sacrifice.  You are free to do what you like.  And what you like is to go sailing.  Otherwise you probably wouldn't be reading this. It's also ourdaughters' birthday, so that counts extra for us.  See you out on the water.
Boone Day - United States of America.  Yep, it's Daniel Boone Day.  Kilt him a b'ar when he was only three.  Wait, that was Davy Crocket.  Daniel Boone, Daniel Boone... ?  What did he do?  I know that in real life he was Fess Parker.  Or was that Davy Crocket, too?  I need to get some fresh air and clear my mind and sort this out.  You need to come along, too.  Bring the rum.
Best Friend's Day - United States of America; &  World Ocean Day - International.  Can't lose on this one - two holiday's in one and they intertwine perfectly - Take your best friend sailing on the ocean.
9 Murcia Autonomy Day - Spain.  I'm not going to look this one up.  I can't do everything for you.  But somehow, I'm sure that if there's autonomy involved, that means that we are in control, not somebody else.  For sure not the boss.  I don't know about you but I'm going sailing.  I'm the boss of me.
Camoes Day - Macau & Portugal.   Click on this and just look at the way this guy dresses.  If you had the cajones to dress like that, you could go sailing whenever you wanted.  Look close and you'll see he's only got one eye.  He's almost piratical.  Arrrgh!
King Kamehameha Day (Hawaii) - United States of America. Here is yet another outfit that if you wear it to work, they'll send you home early.  Just click on it, duplicate it, show up at work, get off early, go sailing.  Easy.  Easier than saying Kamehameha.
Dia dos Namorados (Valentine's Day) - Brazil.  A lot of good our Valentine's Day does in the middle of winter when you can't take your favorite love out sailing! June 12th makes more sense to me.  Spring is in the air, summer is almost here.  Just grab her (or him) and GO!
Commemoration Day - Kyrgyzstan. Not sure what they're commenerating.  I'm a little vague on where Kyrgyzstan is.  But they could be commerorating sailing.  And we shouldn't take chances.
World Sea Turtle Day - International;  World Blood Donor Day - International.  There, I've givin you two reasons to get out of work go out sailing: either you've got to save the sea turtle, or you need to give blood.  Now, GIT!
Valdemars Day - Denmark.  According to the legend, the Danish flag, Dannebrog, on this day fell from the sky by Lyndanise in Estonia, where King Valdemar II the Victorious was crusading in 1219.  I don't make this stuff up, I just report the facts.  And this was a miracle.  Buy a Danish Flag, fly a Danish Flag from your spreaders.  And celebrate the miracle!
Chhelum - Pakistan.  It tells nowhere on the internet what this means.  But it has 2 H's in a row.  So get the H out there and go sailing.  I think the extra H means you have to pronounce it with a lot of phlegm in your throat.  So make sure you do that when you tell the boss what you're celebrating.  Maybe he'll think you have some kind of throat infection and he wouldn't want the rest of the staff to catch it.
World Day to Combat Desertification & Drought - International.  It would only be only symbolic, I know, but symbols can be very powerful when you are fighting intractable enemies such as drought and desertification.  But I think that to go out sailing would certainly show desertification a thing or two.  And bring along a few brewski's to help fight drought.  We can win this thing.
Evacuation Day - Egypt.  Yes, get out of Egypt and go sailing.
Juneteenth (Milwaukee, Wisconsin & Texas) - United States of America.  Juneteenth? I love it.  You must go sailing on Juneteenth. 
World Refugee Day - International.  I'm not sure how you can justify this one to the boss - but if you can, you deserve the day off.  Untie those docklines for the refugees!   It's the right thing to do.
Litha - Summer Solstice (Northern Hemisphere) - Paganism.  It's the first day of summer.  The Pagan's were smart enough to make it an official Holiday.  I have received special dispensation from the pope and other high religious officials to confer upon anyone who wants to go sailing on this warmest of holy days a 14 hour period in which you may proclaim yourself to be a Pagan with no lasting bruises to your immortal soul, or other appendages.  (Please, those of you who are deeply religious, no matter your faith, do not take offense to this - it is intended all in fun.)
Schoolteacher's Day - El Salvador.  School is out!  Take a school teacher sailing.  They deserve it.  You know they do after putting up with all of our rotten kids for the last nine months.  Well, everybody else's rotten kids, not yours and mine.  Oh, quit quibbling and go sailing.
Ligo Day - Latvia.  The Mid Summer Holiday called Jani Day or LIGO is Latvia's biggest holiday of the year and from about 3 PM on 23rd things start closing and will not reopen to about 2 PM on 24th. Many things will stay closed all day on 24th as well. This is mainly a family and friend type holiday with everyone retreating to the countryside to swim in the lake, BBQ and dance around the bonfire until the first light of the new day on 24th June.  Or, I might add, sailing.
Saint Vartolomej and Varnava - Serbia.  My research may be a little sketchy here but I believe, that may be too strong, I think, no, too strong too, I have an inkling that Saint Vartolomej and Varnava are the Patron saints of having loads of fun and going sailing.  If not, they should be.
National Day - Slovenia.  Sing the Slovenian National anthem with me... Slovenia, My Slovenia, la la la la la la, Slovenia my heart, my something something... you don't know the words either, do you?  Look them up - right now!  And don't come back from sailing until you have them memorized!
International Day Against Drug Abuse & Trafficking - International;  International Day in Support of Victims of Torture - International.  I have never understood how setting aside a day for these things would help victims of torture or drug abuse and trafficking.  But the guys who decree these things are in charge and probably are much smarter than we are.  The least we can do is go sailing in support of these very important things to be against.  I'm not sure how it can help, but it sure can't hurt. 
Anniversary of the Amir's Succession - Qatar.  Any place that can get away with starting out with a Q and not having  a U right behind it is certainly a place to be reckoned with.  Maybe the U isn't there because U went sailing.  U should, too. 
M'Guine Sauveur table servie pour maitresse Erzulie, Tenaisse, Mambo - Haiti.  I have no idea.  But you had best go sailing and avoid any possible consequences.
Independence Day - Seychelles.  Sports Illustrated did a swimsuit edition years back in the Seychelles.  These two events have nothing whatsoever to do with each other, but I'll bet the mere mention of it brought luscious images to your mind and a smile to your face.  I am, of course, talking about the sun, and the sand, and the sea, and the palm trees and the tall drinks with the little umbrellas and, and , and... I can't stand it anymore, I'm going sailing! You might as well go, too; you're going to be useless at work for the rest of the day with that wistful cockeyed smile on your face.
30 Bank Holiday (Balance Day) - El Salvador.  It's a good thing we sailors are citizens of the World and we can take advantage of bank hoildays as important as Balance Day. 
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