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365 Reasons to go Sailing

(366 during leap year)

-  November -
All Saint's Day - Not quite International, but countries all over the world including the U.S.A.  And this isn't just some of the saints - this is all of them - this is major-  it would probably be dangerous not to take the day off.  Just to be safe, you should avoid all possible danger.  Go out for a nice, quiet, gentle sail. 
All Soul's Day - or in some countries, the Day of the Dead.  Apparently, this is for people who didn't take my advice yesterday and did something extremely dangerous - like work.  And didn't live to tell about it.  If you made it through yesterday, and didn't go sailing, you were one of the lucky few.  Take no chances.  Go sailing or risk death.  Your boss will surely understand if you explain it to him in those terms.  Offer to save his life by taking him with you.
Sandwich Day - United States of America.  Take a sandwich and go sailing.  No more excuses.
Bandi Chhor Divas - Sikhism.  Bandi Chhor Divas Sikh Divali: The harbinger of Enlightenment and Freedom.
       "(When) the lamp is lit, darkness is dispelled…
       … Where there is light of knowledge, ignorance is dispelled."
            ... Where there is sailing, there you is.
Take a Sikh day. What could be more Enlightening and Free than sailing?
Bonfire Night (Guy Fawkes Day) - United Kingdom.  Celebrate the failed Gun Powder Plot of 1605.  There may be fireworks in your area.  Take all your co-workers with you - there's no better place to watch fireworks than from a sailboat.  All right, so it's in England.  Serve plenty of drinks, with sparklers in them  Nobody will care.   Be very careful you don't burn yourselves or start a fire.  Some of you may have to go to work tomorrow. 
Confucius' Birthday - Vietnam.  September 28th was his Birthday elsewhere but if you didn't take advantage of it then, today you get a second chance.  Here's what gave you then: Ah, so. Glasshoppel.   "It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop." -  Confucius.   (sounds like sailing to me.)  "Things that are done, it is needless to speak about...things that are past, it is needless to blame." -  Confucius. (So go sailing - do not speak of it and no one will blame you.  Confucius is a much wiser man than either of  us and a man with whom no one should argue. )
Accord & Reconciliation Day - Russia. You could combine these and call it accordion day.   And you could take an accordion to work and play it until they made you go home.  But that would be wrong.  Just tell the boss you promise not to bring an accordion to work if he'll give you the day off to go sailing.  It should work.
World Town Planning Day - International.  One place you don't want to be is at a meeting anywhere where they are planning a town.  Look at all the goofy towns there are.  And the goofy laws they have.  And the goofy holidays they have.  No - you need to be someplace safe, someplace ungoofy.  And you know where that is, don't you?
Allama Muhammad Iqbal Day - Pakistan.  A poet, a philosopher and a reformer.  He sounds like the kind of a guy who would want you to go sailing on his day.  Click on the link, print out the image, put it in a frame and set it on your desk next to the picture of your wife, or your girl friend, or your boss's wife, or his girlfriend.  When you tell the boss you need the day off to celebrate, show him the picture and look really sincere, poetic, philosphic, and reformish.  How could he refuse?
Marine Corps Birthday - United States of America.  Semper fi. Nobody argues with a Marine. Nobody! Just tell the boss you're going sailing.  Salute sharply!  Do a very crisp about face and march right out that door, while whistling the theme song to the movie Bridge on the River Kwai.
11 Veteran's Day. U.S.ASemper fi. Nobody argues with a Marine. Nobody! Just tell the boss you're going sailing.  Salute sharply!  Do a very crisp about face and march right out that door, while whistling the theme song to the movie Bridge on the River Kwai.  Remember to wear your uniform.  Unless you tried this yesterday. In that case you're on your own.  You can't have every day off.  I can but I'm retired. 
Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Birthday - Taiwan. And there's a big party.  And somehow, I can't explain it, you got on the invite list.  And attendance is mandatory.  And you don't want to start an international incident.  Sorry, boss.  Gotta go.
Harvest Festival - US Virgin Islands.  I don't think they grow anything there but rum - so it should be a pretty good time.  And your wife wants to go - so, tell the boss your sorry, but you have a bigger boss who says you have to go.  And after all, it's Harvest Festival - and it doesn't happen every day!
Prince of Wales' Birthday - British Virgin Islands.  You were in the U.S. Virgins yesterday, and the British Virgins are right next door - just a couple of hours sail away.  Might as well help them celebrate the Prince of Wales' Birthday.  The boss will understand - you were practically there!
America Recycles Day - United States of America.  Recycle to save the World.  It's the Green thing to do.  And there is no sport greener than sailing.  So, on this day, SAIL to SAVE the WORLD!
International Day for Tolerance - International.  One of the hardest things for a boss to tolerate is an employee who wants to take everyday off to go sailing.  On this International Day of Tolerance, he should, of course, suspend his intolerance and allow you to go sailing.  Try to be sincere and persuasive. 
Den boje studentu za svobodu a demokracii - Czech Republic.  I don't speak Czech very well, so I'm not sure what exactly this means.  But the last word looks like Democracy.  So ask for Den boje studentu za svobodu a demokracii  day off.  Be sincere.  But hit your fist on the desk when you say 'demokracii' and then slap your hand over your heart. And pull a strange looking hat from under your left arm and place it firmly but dramatically on your head.  Gesture toward the door and follow your gesture through the door.  Pre-arrange with you co-workers that they stand and applaud you as you head out the door.  This has worked for me every time I have tried it. 
Mickey Mouse's Birthday - United States of America.  Walt says you have to go sailing.
U.S. Marine Corps Day - United States of America.  If you take a look at the 10th of this month you'll see that it was the Birthday of the Marine Corp.  And this is U.S. Marine Corps Day.  ENTIRELY different. So once again: Semper fi. Nobody argues with a Marine. Nobody! Just tell the boss you're going sailing.  Salute sharply!  Do a very crisp about face and march right out that door, while whistling the theme song to the movie Bridge on the River Kwai.
Children's Day - United States of America.  Tell the boss you have to take a poor underprivileged child sailing.  Maybe it's your child. Or your neighbor's child.  Or some kid that just looked like he needed a good sailing.  It's for the children.  Nobody can deny you that.
World Television Day - International.  And what a wonderful holiday it is.  While everybody is busy watching TV today, give yours a holiday - sneak out the back door and go sailing.  You don't even have to ask.  Everybody will be busy watching Mr. Ed reruns or some other drivel like maybe the A-team.
National Stop the Violence Day - United States of America.  In my book, the best way to stop violence is to avoid it.  And where best to avoid it?  You don't even need to answer that - it's a rhetorical question. 
Kinro Kansha no Hi  (Labor Thanksgiving Day) - Japan.  Did you see that?  Labor Thanksgiving Day.  We're labor aren't we?  And what better way to thank us than to give us the day off.  Sank you vely mush, bozzman.  (that's me, trying desperately to write in a Japanese accent.)
National Women's Day - Samoa.  If you know a woman - especially a National Woman, or better still, a National Woman from Samoa, you get to take her sailing.  No proof is required.  We'll take your word for it.  You've never lied to us before.
25 International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women - International.  Today would be the day to take all the women where you work out sailing.  There's no crying in baseball and there's no violence on sailboats.
26 Anniversary of the Death of Alkoutb Said Muhammad Cheif Al Maarouf - Comoros.  If you can say it on the first try, you can have the day off.  Or if you can find Comoros on a map with little or no hesitation.  I didn't say this was always going to be easy.  
National Flag Day - Sri Lanka.   Click on the link.  Get a Sri Lanka Flag and fly it from your spreader - and ask the boss for the day off to go sailing.  Sinhalese and Tamil are the two official languages of Sri Lanka.  Learn a few words - can't help you here - the name of this game is preparedness  and you need to do some of the work yourself.  If you can't speak it, fake it.  But for your own sake, practice first.  Don't just wing it, or you'll be stuck at work all day. 
Ascension of Abdul-Baha - Baha'i.  Click on the link.  Turn up your speakers.  Adopt an attitude of profound and deep religious prayer.  Sing along.  Approach the boss with this attitude and tell him you must leave.   The video is five minutes and thirty five seconds long.  Time it so you can get out the door before it is finished.
W.V.S. Tubman`s Birthday - Liberia.  William Vacanarat Shadrach Tubman.  Happy, Happy Birthday, Bill, Happy Birthday to you and our best wishes go with you.  But we won't.  We would rather go sailing.  To celebrate your birthday.  It's not a good excuse but it's the best we have from which to choose. 
International Computer Security Day - International.  And ironically, your computer has been corrupted by a vicious virus.  You need a new hard drive and you need to securely dispose of the old one.  And the best place to get rid of it is to throw it in deep water.  From your sailboat.  Now get it out of here quickly before the contagion spreads to other computers.  What? You have no computer at work?  Well, don't be a dunce.  Don't tell the boss that. He's not going to know.  He hardly ever comes out of his office to see what's going on around him. 
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