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365 Reasons to go Sailing

(366 during leap year)

- October -
International Raccoon Appreciation Day;  International Music Day.  Make up a song about appreciating a raccoon.  Sing it loudly to your co-workers until your boss asks what all the noise is about.  Tell him it's International Raccoon Appreciation Day, and International Music Day and you are just doing your part - and that, as a representative of the company, you need the day off.  And continue singing, loudly on your way out the door - so you can't hear him.  This is only a suggestion - to help you go sailing.  Don't blame me for losing your job.     
World Farm Animals Day - International.. Take a farm animal sailing with you.  A small one, preferably, a chicken for instance.  You could invite him for supper.  Mmmmm.  Chicken.   It's also Mahatma Gandhi's Birthday - India. just in case you don't have any luck with the Farm Animal Ploy.
3 World Temperance Day - International.  Temperance is not allowed on a sailboat.  But the rest of the world can't drink today.  Take the boss drinking on your sailboat.  But not too much until you're back in the slip.
National Cinnamon Bun Day - Sweden;  World Animal Day - International.  Yes, I know we were honoring animals just a couple of days ago - but those were farm animals.  Besides, it's also Cinnamon Bun Day.  So give your boss a Swedish Cinnamon Bun and take an animal sailing. How can the boss say no with a Cinnamon Bun in his mouth?
World Teacher's Day - International.   Teacher's deserve their own day.  They work hard, long hours and put up with our terrible kids - well, not yours and mine, but lots of terrible kids.  Tell the boss you've made arrangements to take some teachers out for a sail.   He can't refuse your request, today of all days.
Physician Assistant Day - United States of America.  Take your physician's assistant sailing.  She's really cute - your boss wouldn't blame you at all.  Take the boss along if he has any qualms about it. 
Goodwill Day - Namibia.  This one may be a tough sell - but if your boss has goodwill in his heart - you should be able to do it.
Death of Henri Christophe - Haiti.  It was a sad, sad day when Henri died.  We all know how it affects you.  Try to get your mind off of it.  I seem to remember you were at work when it happened, or would have been if you alive on October 8, 1820.  So I don't think you should be at work today - the memories are still too fresh.  Sniff. Yeah, me, too.
Leif Erikson Day - United States of AmericaAnd what a sailor he was! Get out of here.  Go sailing, go sailing for Leif.  His honor, his memory is a stake.  Go sailing.  Lest we forget, he was really the guy who discovered America.  Not that young upstart Christopher  Something.
World Mental Health Day - International.  Most sailors, being of marginal mental health, have permission to take today off.  And go sailing.  The sun, warm on your face,  the breeze, filling the sails, the sounds of the boat rippling through the water; best thing in the world to improve mental health.
National Coming Out Day - United States of America.  I'm not sure what this Holiday is really for - but dimes to dollars, you ask for Coming Out Day off - you're going to get it.
Fair at McLean's Town - Bahamas.  Your name is on the list this year to help them put up the tents.  You can't let them down.  And the only way to get there is by boat.
13 Cession Day - Fiji;  Rwagasore Day - Burundi.  Take your pick.  Good Luck!
Peace Corps Birthday - United States of America.  Nothing more fitting than sailing to celebrate the Birthday of the Peace Corps.
International Day of Older People - Australia.  You are an older person - you're older than you were yesterday.  So you get to do what you want.
Boss Day - United States of America.  Show the boss how much he's appreciated by taking him sailing.  Or, celebrate National Feral Cat Day - United States of America.  May even be the same thing as the first.  But my favorite, and the one I'm going to celebrate, even though it may only be a typographical error is: Anniversary of the Pope's Erection - Vatican City State.
International Day for the Eradication of Poverty - International.  Take somebody poor sailing. So he'll know what he's missing and he won't want to be poor anymore.  If we all do our part...
Persons Day - CanadaYou're a person.  Don't let anybody tell you you're not, eh?  It's your day.  Go sailing.
Mother Teresa Day - Albania.  We all know the wonderfulness of Mother Teresa.  And as far as I'm concerned, wonderfulness is a good reason to go sailing.  Tell the boss he reminds you of the wonderfulness of Mother Teresa.  Wait until you see the swelling of the head start - and then ask him for the day off.  He will not risk deflation. 
Birth of the Bab - Baha'i.  The Bab is a holy guy.  On this day Baha'is observe this Holy Day by abstaining from work.  On this day, you are Baha'i.  Bye, Baha'i.
St. Ursula Day - British Virgin Islands.  On this day the Royal British Virgin Islands Yacht Club annually organizes a St Ursula's day race.  This is your invitation to enter.  Proximity does not matter.  Participation, however, is mandatory.   
22 National Nut Day - United States of America.  This day honors the nutty people in the world. It gives recognition to all the kooks, loony birds and daffy people in your life.  This includes sailors.  This day also celebrates nutritious and healthy nuts (food) of all kinds. Celebrate today by eating lots of nuts. Of course it is always possible that this day celebrates the "Nut" that screws onto a bolt for fastening things. Something may be loose on your sailboat.  I would be concerned, too.  Better go check.  On the way out the door, skip and leap in the air and flap your arms. When they ask, "you got a screw loose?" Say, "No, it's a nut."
National Mole Day (Avogadro's number) - United States of America.  Click on the link and you will see just how important Mole Day is.  Without Moles, nothing would exist.  So to celebrate your very existence, you must calculate Avogadro's Number on your sailboat.  You can do so by carefully measure the change in the boat's waterline as you climb aboard.  And then, do the math.  And as long as you're at the boat, you might as well go sailing. 
World Development Information Day - International.  If you are interested in finding out more about World Development, today is your day to do it.  Tell the boss you need to do some research about World Development - for the good of the company, or course.  And then go sailing.  You aren't going to find any less information sailing than you would anywhere else. When the boss asks tomorrow what you found out, just shrug and say, "Sorry, struck out."  And get back to work.  
Thanksgiving Day - Grenada.  Nobody works on Thanksgiving Day in Grenada.  And who do they think they are, not working when we are? What does that say about us?  We aren't as good as Granadians?  Not so. Day off!
Angam Day - Nauru.  The people of Nauru celebrate"Angam Day" - the Day of Fulfillment" -  to commemorate the birth of the 1500th Nauruan at the end of the epidemic in 1920s.  It is certainly something to celebrate.  Here's how they do it.  Here's how we do it.
Navy Day - United States of America.  You were in the Navy, right?  That's where you learned how to be such a great sailor.  Tell the boss it's Navy Day and the Navy gets the Gravy. 
Den vzniku samostatneho ceskoslovenskeho statu - 1918  - Czech Republic.  Leave a note on the boss's desk.  By the time he gets finished reading what holiday it is, you'll be back.
International Internet Day - International.  Don't even bother coming in to work today - just e-mail him that you're lost in Cyberspace.
Emily Post's Birthday.  The polite thing to do would be for the boss to give you the day off to go sailing.
Halloween - almost everywhere.  Dress up in an elaborate costume.  Have everyone dress up in an elaborate costume.  The same costume.  Then when you're missing, no one will notice. 
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