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365 Reasons to go Sailing

(366 during leap year)

-  September -
Worker's Day - Marshall Islands.  You're a worker.  You've heard of the Marshall Islands.  You get the day off.  Just say, "Hey, boss - Worker's Day - see ya tomorrow."
National Day - Vietnam.  Other than that, nothing happened on this date.  Make something up.  My vote is for "TyS-TyJ-TyM Day"  It's an acronym for "Test your Spinnaker - Test your Jib -  Test your Main" and it is now officially a special holiday for all sailors.
Australian National Flag Day - Australia.  We all like Australia because they all talk really cool.  So fly their flag from your spreader, take the day off and go sailing!
International Newspaper Carrier Day - International.  Were you a paper boy (or girl) when you were a kid?  Did you ever know a newspaper carrier?  If you can answer either of these questions with an honest yes, you get to go sailing. 
Anniversary of Chachapoyas - Peru.  The Chachapoyas were the 'People of the Clouds.'   So they deserve to be honored.  Practice saying their name - it's fun and once you get it, it just kind of rolls off the tongue.  Say it over and over - kind of a chant.  Keep chanting - maybe get some of your fellow workers to join in.  Trust me.  Do this and the boss will let you go sailing.
Labor Day - Palau.  There it is again - Labor Day.  You may not know where Palau is.  But I believe that it is more a state of mind than it is a country.  It's everywhere, it's all around us.  And it's Labor Day.  Take the family and go sailing.
Lusaka Agreement Day - Mozambique.  I'm pretty sure that the Lusaka Agreement allowed people to go sailing on the 7th of September.  And I'm sticking to it.
Crowning of Vytautas the Great - Lithuania;  Dia de Asturias - Spain;  Dia de Extremadura - Spain;  Feast of Our Lady of Victories; - Malta;  Independence Day - Macedonia;  Internal Autonomy Day - French Polynesia;  Mala gospa - Nativity of the Virgin Mary (Western Christian) - Bosnia-Herzegovina;  National Day & Our Lady of Meritxell - Andorra;  Nativity of Our Lady - Liechtenstein;  Nuesta Senora de la Victoria - Spain;  Siege of Leningrad Day - Russia;  Virgen de la Cinta - Spain;  Virgen de la Fuensanta - Spain;  Virgen de la Pena - Spain;  Virgin of Cocharcas - Peru.   WOW!  Look at that!  Take your pick.  Doesn't seem right, such a paucity of celebrations on the Second and on the 8th everybody all over the world has a different holiday.
Father Laval Day - Mauritius.  He looks like a nice guy - I think we can justifiably go sailing in his honor.  If you don't think so, pick another holiday from yesterday - really, who's going to know?
St. George's Caye Day - Belize.  There are quite a few holidays listed for September 10th - lots of countries are celebrating the End of Ramadan - but this is the one I picked for you because first of all the sailing is phenomenal in Belize and second they've got a song you can sing while you're out sailing:
       It was the 10th day of September In ninety-eight Anno Domini
             when our fore-fathers won the
              glorious fight at Old St. George's Caye

        Then hail them - cheer them.
        Let our grateful loyal hearts not fail them,
              as we march and sing and shout in merry glee
                   The Battle of St. George's Caye.
                    Hip! Hip! Hurrah. Hip! Hip! Hurrah.
You'll have to make up your own melody.  And you can read about the whole battle right here.
Patriot Day - United States of America.  Wave the flag - the boss can't deny you - you are a patriot - a patriot of the good ol' U.S. Of A.  You get to go sailing.  Unless you're from another country and you're reading this.  I hope somebody from your country will go to all the trouble I've gone to just to see to it that you have an excuse to take the day off and go sailing.  Of course, when we don't have a holiday, we go ahead and use one of yours, so feel free to use one of ours if you feel the need.
12 National Day - Cape Verde Islands.  That's it - that's all there is - work with it.
International Chocolate Day - International.  So get your boss a box of chocolates - and as you're handing it too him ask for the day off.  Or maybe wait until his mouth is full and ask - then it would obviously be a case of misunderstanding.  "Mmfgbungre" - could just as easily be "Sure, go ahead and enjoy'  as it might be, "Thanks for the candy, now get back to work."
Finding of the True Cross - Greece.  Prior to this event all we were finding were false crosses - some of them looked pretty real - one of them was quite convincing - until they found the real one.  So it's quite an important holiday.  And for today,  I will confer upon you, by the power that has been vested in me by, um, the entity which does that sort of thing,  a day of pious Greek Orthodoxy.  So, for religious reasons, you simply must take the day off.  Unless you are actually Greek Orthodox - in which case, why are you reading this - you already have the day off.
Cochabamba Local Festival - Bolivia;  International Day of Peace - Australia;  Software Freedom Day - International.  I'm giving you three holidays from which to choose.  The first, because it's fun to say.  The third because I can't believe it was actually named a holiday, and the second, because I think that's the one you should choose and sail for Peace.  (Software Freedom Day???  What's next?  "There's a loose board on my front porch day?"
International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer - International.  For today, and today only - NO EXHALING!  You can inhale all you want - but for the sake of the preservation of the Ozone Layer, do not exhale.  You will, of course, pass out.  And they'll carry you out, and maybe put you in an ambulance.  But you'll mysteriously recover- but you can't go back to work - you need air, man.  You need fresh air - Go sailing.  No engines, just the breeze.  So now you can exhale all you want because you're preserving the Ozone layer by sailing.
Citizenship Day  - United States of America.  You're a citizen.  You get the day off automatically - all you foreigners have to keep working.
Victory of Uprona - Burundi.  There's a whole big thing about it back in 1858 or 1958 - all very hazy as far as the hard facts are concerned - but it's bound to be important to someone - it should be important to us, too.  So that we can justifiably take the day off and go sailing.
Talk Like a Pirate Day - International.  We've been waiting all year for this.  Arrrgh.  (Did pirates really say that?  Yes, of course they did.)  It is also, and fittingly so, your original Frugal Mariner Cap'n Larry's birthday.  See you out there.  Eye patch, hook and all!  Check out this site to learn how to talk like a pirate: The Pirate's Realm
Liberation Day - East Timor.  This may not be much of an excuse to take the day off, but frankly, I'm kind of worn out from all that pirate talk yesterday.  I may just have to stay at work so I can rest up.  You go.  I'll cover for you.
World Gratitude Day - International;  Peace One Day - International.  Two of them for you today, both of them kind of laid back - Peace and Gratitude.  You will be very peaceful on your sailboat today, and you can thank me later.  Peace and Love, Brothers and Sisters.
World Car-Free Day - International. Perfect! So how are you going to get to work?  Mass transit will be way too crowded today, so forget the train or the bus.  I've got it - take your sailboat to work.  If your job is near the water, you're all set.  If not, you've got some navigation problems.  I'm sure a sailor as resourceful as you are will solve them though.  It may take until quitting time - but, hey, like they say, better late than never. 
Grito de Lares - Puerto Rico.  Take a minute and click on the link and read about this - possibly the most pathetic revolution in history.  To honor the memory of these poor pathetic people and their failed revolution - which supported ideals close to ours  ( 1. Abolition of slavery 2. The right to fix taxes 3. Freedom of worship 4. Free press  5. Free speech 6. Free trade 7. Freedom of assembly 8. Right to bear arms 9. Civil Liberties of the citizens 10. Right to elect their own public officials.) you should go sailing.  It's the right thing to do.
Anniversary of the failed attack on Lomé - Togo.  That's two failed attack holidays in two days.  Is there a trend here, or should you just leave September out of your plans as a good month to attack?  Take a lesson from all of this and do something peaceful.  There's nothing more peaceful than sailing.  Enjoy.
National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims - United States of America.  It's a U.S. National Holiday.  Respect the memory of Murder Victims.  And do it where there is little chance of getting murdered yourself.   And where might that be,  I'm sure you're asking yourself.  Many more people are murdered at work than on their sailboat.  Don't take chances.  Tell the boss you're going sailing to avoid getting murdered and to honor the memory of those who were.
The September Revolution - Yemen.  Yumpin' Yemeni, there have been 132 books written about this and we haven't read a one of them!  Hustle down to your local library, check  one out and read it.  Go somewhere quiet, like your sailboat.  Tell your boss you're furthering your education so you can be more valuable to him.
St. Vincent de Paul Day - Madagascar.  How do I know what it is?  I look them up - you explain them to the boss and go sailing.  I can't do everything for you. 
Confucius' Birthday - Taiwan.  Ah, so. Glasshoppel.      "It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop." -  Confucius.   (sounds like sailing to me.)  "Things that are done, it is needless to speak about...things that are past, it is needless to blame." -  Confucius. (So go sailing - do not speak of it and no one will blame you.  Confucius is a much wiser man than either of  us and a man with whom no one should argue. )
Inventors Day - International.  Today we are going to invent a better mousetrap excuse to go sailing.  Get on it, get it invented, make sure it works well, patent it and get the heck out of here and go sailing.
Youth Day - Turks & Caicos Islands.  By tradition, in any island nation which has a Youth Day, you must, by law, take a youth sailing.  No quibbling.  Just do it.  It's easier to beg forgiveness than to ask for permission.
There is no 31st of September - the ditty goes:  Thirty days hath September, Outside of that, I don't remember.
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